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1958 Class History


During these twelve years since we have embarked upon our educational careers, we have seen many changes take place in our community, in our school and in our personal lives.

We began our elementary education on a late summer day in 1946. We attended the first grade in temporary classrooms because the Myrtle Beach School had been previously destroyed by fire.

In September, 1947, we entered the new Myrtle Beach Grammar School, where we enjoyed many pleasant hours in the classrooms, on the playground, and through association with our classmates.

After several unforgettable years, we entered high school as sub-freshmen. Our initiation, conducted by the Sophomore class, was a memorable experience. Soon we began to realize that studying was not simply a matter of passing the course but a satisfying fulfillment beyond the ordinary. Myrtle Beach High School was accepted by the Southern Association after a few days of observation—which kept us on our toes! We attended most of the activities at the school; where things were thickest, that's where we were. We learned to Bunny Hop—we took our first ride on the activity bus, we experienced our first exams. A sense of unity grew from working together in the many phases of high school life in which we participated.


As Freshmen we returned from a wonderful summer vacation with many new ideas and also new problems. We enjoyed modern facilities in the new annex—the cafetorium. the dark room, the home economics room, and the shop. Many of us joined the band, the majorettes, or the newly organized mixed chorus. Our school provided shelter to many during Hurricane Hazel. Much of our time was spent in a crowd, with classmates, or with one special person.


Our Sophomore year will long be remembered. We became more active in athletics, and we cheered our teams to victory. New Beta Club members were initiated and inducted. The Future Teachers Club provided an opportunity for the girls to observe in elementary school. We dance shoeless at the Sock Hop, which was the first dance our class sponsored. It was a year of progress—a year of social and intellectual advancement.


Our long-awaited Junior year arrived, and we returned to classes with even more school spirit. French students were heard practicing "J'entre dons la solle de classe." Soon we began raising money for the Junior-Senior with the threat that if anyone didn't earn his $15.00 on the projects, he would have to pay it himself. We chose "Underwater" as our theme for the prom, and many hours were spent painting smiling faces on purple polka-dotted fish. After several weeks of rehearsals, our class play, "Oh! Promise Me!" was presented. Also, the Green Masque Players was organized and presented three one-act plays.


We were so proud of our girls and boys who participated in athletics. In the spring, we journeyed to many parts of the state to be present at conventions. Our Beta Club placed in the skit contest, and one of our class mates was elected as state Beta secretary. Our class rings arrived, and we wore them with pride. We enjoyed our Junior-Senior and decided that it was worth the time and effort. Eight members of our class were honored as Junior marshals. A remembrance of this year is a remembrance of things done well.

Again it was September, and again it was time to return "to the old grind" as we jokingly called Myrtle Beach High. We were Seniors, and every time we enjoyed an activity we realized that it might be the last time. We elected class officers, grade mothers, and mascots. Our Senior privileges were granted; we certainly did enjoy them. Needless to say, we were very pleased with reports from the I. T. E. D. and Merit Scholarship tests which proved that we had the highest average of any class in the history of Myrtle Beach High School.

We had seen our first winning football season; the homecoming parade was successful in spite of the bad weather. The Student Council took on important part in school government. The staffs of the High Waves and The Seahawk worked gleefully as their sponsors warned them of their deadlines. A mystery, "Girl in the Rain," was presented by the Green Masque Players. The Beach Combers, or majorettes, learned many new routines and earned several more awards. The college day program proved to be a valuable aid to many of us in choosing our future Alma Maters. We were measured for our caps and gowns. The "brains' were exempted from exams; others were glad they were behind them. The Washington trip proved to be quite an entertainirg one for the Senior Betas. Some students took college entrance exams; others sought vocations; others were undecided. We were the guests of the Junior class at the Junior-Senior prom. We mailed our invitations—we observed Senior Day —Class Day—Baccaaureate Service—Graduation.

Yes, in these twelve years many changes have taken place. Someday we shall learn the value of our expression in the many phases of life which we have experiened here. Someone will create new beauty—someone will discover things beneficial to mankind.

We have worked together - learned together - played together - prayed together. And in our memories, I am sure, we shall always remain together.

Signed and Declared by JEANNIE DUSENBURY

1958 Class Historian