Class of 1960






As we, the seniors of the Class of 1960, stand on one of the thresholds of life let us pause a moment, not sadly, but thoughtfully; and reflect upon the life that we have just left. Let us relive some of the memories that will ever be a rich and lasting port or our life.


On the morning of September 2. 1948, we the Class of 1960 entered into the halls of an institution that was to become our second home for the next twelve years of School. We entered school on that day with anticipation and perhaps a little apprehension, but none of us had any idea of the joys, the sorrows, the work, the play, and through it all the sprit.


Those six years in Grammar school were really wonderful as in the classroom and on the playground we began to make friends who would last us through the rest of our school career and perhaps a lifetime. Certainly we will never forget those days.


We were the first seventh grade class to attend school In the high school building, and we were very proud, but we entered high School with similar feelings to those we had when we entered the first grade, not knowing what was awaiting us. We soon found out that first year that we were not able to do much in the way of activities, but we learned the routine of high school and learned much by observing.

The next year we were sub-freshman and were initiated properly by the sophomores. Unfortunately, it was considered a bit too "proper' by the administration who called the whole thing off in the future, and we never had a chance for revenge upon other lowly eighth grades. We survived the initiation, however, and we began to experiment in a few school activities and functions. The year was over all too soon and we anxiously awaited the next year when we would actually be freshmen.


That year came and at last we were part of the high school. We began to feel more at home now, some of us went out for sports, and others began participating in various clubs and the band. We began to experience fully the joys of high school and we loved each new experience.


The next year as sophomores. We elected eve first class officers, and put on the "Sock Hop" which was a big success. Some of us were initiated into the Beta Club, others became acquainted with the paper staff and still others began receiving recognition on the athletic field. The Beta Club Convention was fun as were all the other school activities.


We began to assert ourselves and widen our areas 0f interest.


As Juniors we worked hard and kept busy, we elected officers and began raising money. We enjoyed planning the Homecoming Dance, the first Powder Puff football held at Myrtle Beach and the New Year’s Dance all of which were successful. We put on a class play, received our class rings, and then to climax all of our hard work. We put on a Junior-Senior with on oriental theme that was really wonderful. Eight of us served as Marshals of Commencement, and then our Junior year was over.


After a wonderful summer which I'm sure many of us will find to be the most memorable in our lives we were back to school again—dignified seniors. We didn't feel too much like Seniors and it was hard to realize that we were beginning our last year of high school. This was what we had struggled along for eleven years to become and we were going to make the most of it. We were keep very busy that year with the Annual, Paper, F.T.A., F.H.A., Drama Club and Beta Club: and every minute of it was fun. Mrs. Long and M. Johnson were our sponsors and Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Swain. Mr. Allison and Mrs. Cummins were our homeroom, Mothers. They gave us a very enjoyable Christmas party and we really appreciated that and everything else that they did or us.


The year began to pass faster. We elected Senior Superlatives; were measured for caps and gowns; presented our Senior Class Play; played football, basketball red baseball for the last time in high school. The spring flew by in a flurry of conventions, including the Senior Beta annual trip. The Juniors presented us with a wonderful Junior-Senior. Now our days were especially crowded as we mailed our invitations, observed Senior Day, and took our last exams, observed Baccalaureate Service Class Day and Graduation.


Now we part, each of us shall go our separate way, leaving behind us the activities and many of the friends that we have grown to love during these last years; but I am sure that all of us will take much of what we have known here with us as we go in pleasant memories of our Alma Mater.


Lord God of Hosts Be With Us Yet,

Lest We Forget, Lest We Forget.


Signed and Declared by:

Bill Pridgen

1960 Class Historian